Registration of Sole Proprietorship in India and its Advantages

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In the eyes of legal and tax authorities, the business and the operator are one and the same. A sole proprietor works for themselves rather than being employed by a company and takes on all legal and financial responsibilities for the business. No, the registration of sole proprietorship concern is not mandatory. However, in order to get loans, open a bank account, or safeguard from any future mishaps, the sole proprietor should obtain registration. The lawsuits create plenty of issues for companions with unlimited liability.

As an example, he may additionally sell all of his private property to fulfill the money owed or liabilities of the enterprise. Someone who acts both as the owner and an employee of his business is a self-employed owner. In this digital age, someone who sells goods on an E-commerce firm is self-employed.

Things to Consider While Starting a Sole Partnership in India

When a sole proprietor pays himself a salary, he merely is transferring funds from a business account he owns to a personal account he owns. Sole Proprietorship is not required to get its accounts audited each financial year under any specific law. The audit will depend upon the nature of business sole proprietorship examples in india and the threshold turnover limits specified for the conduct of the audit. Like, a tax audit is required if the turnover/sales exceed ₹ 1 crores and for professional services, the audit is required if receipts exceed Rs. 50 lakh. Similarly, GST audit is required if the turnover exceeds ₹ 2 crores.

sole proprietorship examples in india

This means in contrast to corporations the place partnership exists, a sole proprietor is a topic to potential losses primarily based on the corporate’s obligations. Additionally, banks are also cautious of lending giant sums of cash, in the case of registration of proprietorship firm because the existence of the proprietorship firm is tied to the proprietor. Having said that, Sole Proprietorship can also hamper growth with time because it’s difficult to build a big business as a single person. So, if one is looking to expand the business then it is recommended that this structure should be converted to another form once achieving growth to a sustainable level. Currently, Sole proprietorship is very much well-liked among small traders, merchants, freelancers, and other self-employed individuals.

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In case your house is rented, you will need to submit the rental agreement and NOC from the owner for operating your business from home as an office address proof. You can rent a place as an office for your e-commerce/online business. The rental agreement and NOC from the owner for operating your sole proprietorship business will be your registered office address proof. In case you operate your online/e-commerce business from home, your house address proof or the commercial electricity bill of your house will be the registered office address proof. The PAN card for the proprietorship firm will be in the name of the proprietor. The company PAN card is not issued to the sole proprietorship firm as it does not have a separate legal existence like a company.

After you have got your Aadhar Number and PAN, you can visit any bank for opening an account with them. Apart from Aadhar Number and PAN, you need to carry identity proof and address proof. For opening a current account, you need to submit a GST registration document to the bank officials too. Proprietors over the age of 80 years are required to file income tax if the income exceeds Rs. 5 lakh. FSSAI registration would only be mandatory where the business is carrying out activities related to making or packaging foods products.

Proprietorship falls under the category of unregistered business. Therefore, if one is doing a business that requires to follow mandatory business registration, the proprietorship is definitely not the correct one. This means that in case a business incurs losses, the assets of not only the business firm but also of the owner, shall be used to pay the debts off. In contrast to this, one person company is a separate legal entity.

Sole proprietors may not always have the necessary technical skills to facilitate or advance his business venture. It’s utterly totally different from the partnership as a sole dealer is absolutely the proprietor whereas in partnership two or extra folks conform to the function of an enterprise. They only must safe business-specific licenses or registrations to run their enterprise legally. Proprietorship companies can not take pleasure in the varied advantages loved by an LLP or Firm. A sole proprietor can not take pleasure in the sale of enterprise curiosity or shares, which deprives the entity of the receipt of any sort of fair funding.


He owns an enterprise but also has to look after his day-to-day operations like an employee. Most of the small-scale businesses we see around us in our day-to-day lives are businesses with single owners. These can range from spas and beauty parlors to a medicine outlet and any local grocery store. The proprietor just isn’t required to distribute it amongst others underneath any authorized formality quite it helps the proprietor to realize more cash than invested. A sole proprietor has full possession of earnings arising from enterprise operations. Save taxes with Clear by investing in tax saving mutual funds online.

sole proprietorship examples in india

As the only owners of the company, sole proprietors are in total charge of all actions. They are not obligated to convene shareholder meetings or have voting on operational decisions, unlike corporations. The term “Sole Proprietorship Registration” means registering an unregistered business that is owned, controlled, and managed by a single person known as the Sole Proprietor of the firm. A sole proprietor is not entitled to tax deductions on salary paid to himself because these payments are not business expenses.

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In different corporations and firms corresponding to partnerships, LLPs, a minimum of at the very least two individuals are concerned. Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration is a perfect choice for a particular person entrepreneur, sole dealer, or somebody who doesn’t wish to get into the lengthy technique of forming an organization. The Proprietor will be legally recognized as a Supplier of Goods & Services. He can also claim the Input tax credit (tax paid on the purchase of goods & services).

This legal recognition will indirectly help in getting more consumer trust. These kinds of services require basic system requirements and can be handled with medium capital flow. However, if he does so, it means he/she is transferring funds from one account to another. No statutory fees are involved in the process of registration, only the cost for obtaining other registrations like GST and MSME is required.

  • Food items like Khakhra, farsan, sweet and also agarbatti, handicraft items, etc. are covered under this category.
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  • For opening a current account of the sole proprietorship, you must submit proof of sole proprietorship business and registered office address proof.
  • These benefits are available irrespective of whether you register your sole proprietorship or not.

Consumer gas connection card/Passbook along with the receipt of gas supply not older than 3 months and the registered lease agreement can also be considered. Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers often choose proprietorship being in service industry. The business requires very less capital and the professionals are directly responsible for their actions irrespective of the organisation structure. Additionally, most business losses can be applied to personal tax obligations, which can reduce the amount of money owed in taxes. The downside to being a sole proprietor is that taxes can make it more difficult to obtain outside funding. Depending on the nature of the business, taxes can range from zero to more than three times the business’s average monthly income.

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This type of business organization is the simplest one in terms of registration and compliances. These are the documents which are necessary for registering as sole proprietorship firm. These are the essential documents and it is recommended to check the official website for any updates and changes in the same. Once these documents are sorted, sole proprietorship firm registration goes very smooth and hassle-free. For all the types of registrations which are recommended for the sole proprietorship firms, the following general documents are required for most of them. There can be some exceptions for specific types of registrations.

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No other person can interfere in the business activities other than the sole proprietor. Yes, it is necessary for every owner of a Sole Proprietorship Firm to acquire GST Registration in cases where the annual turnover exceeds the specified threshold of Rs 40 lakhs and Rs 20 lakhs. Every Sole Proprietor needs to obtain GST Registration for his/ her business if the annual turnover exceeds the prescribed limit for registration. Further, the term “annual turnover” denotes the limit Rs 40 lakhs. A sole proprietor additionally has restrained managerial potential.

That person owns the business, manages it and controls the various operations. It can simply be formed by any person who wants to start a business without going through various legal formalities. Majority of the healthcare entities are started as a proprietorship firm in its initial stage. The proprietors seek to gain stability in the business first before taking it to an organised entity structure. Freelancers operate independently on contract basis that requires no capital and can operate from home.

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